E-Commerce photography is the vital ingredient for selling product on the internet. These days, everyone uses platforms such as Amazon to buy items they need for everyday use or for that special occasion. One question. What makes you buy from one unknown supplier rather than another unknown supplier, if the price, quality and everything else is equal?  Professional photography performed by a professional who treats every assignment with equal importance is key. The photography is the deciding factor!

Designers often say “It is only for the Web” but to me that to me makes no sense. Images for the web must be smaller in pixel size to load quickly, but the quality must be as big as possible! Shooting images for the Web is a demanding exercise here at GMP, and deliberately so. On the web, images have the potential to be seen by a great many people, so why on earth would you ever trust a second rate image to represent your brand? A small investment in professional photography will present not just the individual product to it’s greatest potential, but also promote your brand values as professional and solid.

Gerry McLoughlin Photography shoots E-Commerce for some very big brands. (Timberland UK, New Era, Popski London) But we are also shooting for start ups and regular guys running sucessful E-Commerce operations. If you are big or small, we would love to hear for you, and we guarantee the same high quality, personal service for all our clients!